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 GURPS Character Assistant 4 Information

Welcome to GURPS - An introduction to GURPS for beginners.

Free Pyramid & Roleplayer Articles
GURPS HP & FP Tracker
Dungeon Fantasy on the Cheap...
GURPS Spaceships Design Spreadsheet
GURPS Character Assistant v4.0 (GCA4)
  Power Investiture Design Spreadsheet
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GURPS Book Covers That Never Were
GURPS Covers Index
  GURPS 3rd Edition Index
  GURPS 4th Edition Index
  GURPS 'Zines Index

Some Random GURPS Articles
  GURPS Advantages version 2.8
  World War II Templates for GURPS 4e
  GURPS 4th Edition Cyberware
  One Page GURPS
  GURPS Combat Cheat Sheet
  Collision/Slam/Falling Damage Table
  GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 9 Spell Prerequisite Chart
  Skill Categories
  Trait List Add-on for GURPS 4th Edition
  ST Conversion Chart & Basic Lift and Encumbrance Table
  GURPS Starships Design Spreadsheet for GURPS 3e
  Fantasy Folk for GURPS 4th Edition
  Aliens for GURPS 4th Edition
  Were-forms for GURPS 4th Edition

Random Name Generator
INWO Cards
Galactic Empires CCG

GURPS Character Assistant 4 Information
    Hi, I'm the Data File Coordinator for GCA4. What this means, basically, is that I'm in charge of writing and/or compiling the data files for GCA4. I work on a basically volunteer basis, writing the files as I have time and collecting files that others have written to add to future updates of GCA4.
    If you're looking for information on or official updates for GCA4 please visit the product page at SJGames, the official GCA4 Update page, or the open SJGames GCA4 Forum. If you're looking for GURPS 3rd Edition support for GCA4 please visit Armin's website. If you're looking for any other info on GCA4 please see below.
    From time to time we post official updates for GCA4 through the SJGames website. You can download the latest Program Patch and Data Updates there.
    However, between posting those updates it sometimes becomes necessary to release data files for for newer books without including them in the full Data Update. Sometimes this is because the file is too incomplete, sometimes it hasn't been rigerously tested (it's still in "beta"), sometimes it's because the file (or book) wasn't done in time for the full Data Update. I post information on these files to a Discussion Thread in the SJGames Forums.
GURPS Book Covers That Never Were
    So I was feeling a little nostalgic and dug up these old covers that never were. Hover over them to see the covers that were actually used. At least for the first four I think we can all thank our lucky stars that the new cover designs came about.

GURPS Covers Index

GURPS 3rd Edition
GURPS 4th Edition
GURPS 'Zines
GURPS Covers Wallpaper
GURPS 3e 1680x1050 GURPS 3e 1920x1080
GURPS 4e 1680x1050 GURPS 4e 1920x1080
GURPS Books Covers Index
    This is a project that I have wanted to do this for years. SJGames maintains a very comprehensive GUPRS Books Index on their website, and while that index is comprehensive it is,however, just a text index and hasn't changed much in well over a decade (other than adding new books to the list!). The GURPS Covers Index is a presentation of all of the GURPS book covers. Each cover is linked back to SJGames webpage for that book, so it serves as a true index of their books. It also includes covers for previous editions of the books, which SJGames don't have displayed on their website anymore, and the back cover of almost every book (which SJGames has never made available). The index is divided into three parts, presenting GURPS 3rd Edition, GURPS 4th Edition, and GURPS 'Zines (Roleplayer and Pyramid).
    I also made up some Wallpaper based on these webpages. There are 4 different versions, two 3rd Edition versions in 1680x1050 and 1920x1080 resolution and two for 4th Edition in 1680x1050 and 1920x1080 resolution.



Listing of Free Pyramid Articles

Hosted at Google

Hosted at

Hosted at GURPSLand

Roleplayer Archive


Mini-Character Lenses
GCA Data File
Free Pyramid Articles
    Back when Pyramid was an online 'zine instead of a monthly PDF publication they used to publish a half-dozen articles every week, and each week an average at least one of those articles was made available as a free sample. Pyramid as a 'zine is long gone, but those free articles are still available if you know where to look.
    There used to be a great list on; unfortunately that website is long gone, however thanks to what is gone is not always forgotten. You can find the the archived listing of Free Pyramid Articles here. You can even still find one of my articles hidden away there. I've archived the GCA Data File on my site since the sample article has it locked out.
    Also, let us not forget the old Roleplayer Archive which SJGames still hosts. Roleplayer was the original GURPS 'zine. Many of the articles in it were later incorporated into various GURPS books.


ZIP File


7z File

GURPS HP & FP Tracker
    I've been messing around with C# and whipped up this little application to help keep track of multiple characters HP and FP totals as well as displaying the current HP and FP status (Below 1/3, At or Below 0, -1xHP, etc). It also keeps track of current Move and Dodge based on the halving from lowered HP & FP. Tracks up to 24 PCs or NPCs. Requires the Microsoft .NET framework.
Dungeon Fantasy


Read the Article

Dungeon Fantasy On TheCheap


PDF Printable Version

Download the
GCA4 Data File
Dungeon Fantasy on the Cheap...
...or how to start your Dungeon Fantasy campaign at "First Level"
    This article describes how to scale back the 13+ templates from Dungeon Fantasy 1 & 3, and later supplements to 100, 150, and 200 points. These can be useful for starting a lower point DF game or for adding Mixed Profession templates into a 250 point game.


Version 2.0
Optional Rules PDF Optional Rules
Example PDF Micro-Carrier V2
Excel 2000
Excel 2007/2010
Macro Spreadsheet
GURPS Spaceships Design Spreadsheet for GURPS 4th Edition
    This spreadsheet is an aid for designing ships using the rules from GURPS Spaceships for GURPS 4th Edtion. It was written using Excel 2000, and takes advantage of several Macros for some added functionality. However, it is fully compatible with Excel 2003/2007 and Open Office v3.1 with the Macros disabled.
    I've started a Discussion Thread on the SJGames Forums if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
    Recently I've released the Version 2.0 of my Spaceships sheet. This version has significant improvements over the previous version, chief among them is the ability to handle Smaller SM and Reconfigurable Systems. Additionally the design has allowed for numerous small improvements. I've worked out most of the issues with macros, and incorporated many of the macros into the OpenOffice version of the sheet. I plan on adding further improvements as time permits.



GCA4 Data File

GURPS Character Assistant v4.0 (GCA4)

Along with many others, I've been working with Armin on the GCA4 beta test. I'm also the official GURPS Data File Coordinator, which means I'm in charge of maintaining, updating, and writing the official Data Files.
The first file I'm posting is 4eAddon. This file contains many of the alternate rules I use in my games available in the Random GURPS Articles above.
Next I have my template files for my unofficial Fantasy Folk and Aliens conversions. These will work with the Basic Set 4th Edition file that is available from the GCA Update.
Phobias is based on a GCA v2.x file by Mark St. Thomas which I've converted for use with GCA4. It's basically a giant list of Phobias.
I've removed my Skill Categories for GURPS 4th Edition. If you go to the GCA Update page you will find a Data Update that included the new & improved Skill Categories which was released on e23.
The next file contains some templates for Yrth style Were-creatures, as detailed in the articles below.
I've modified Armin's Grimoire sheet into GrimoireSmall.gcs to fit my needs a little better. I moved the skill column to the left of the Class Column and added [Points] to the column. I changed the default font size to make it a little smaller, adjusted the the column widths to minimize line wrapping, and tweaked a few of the default settings to my preferences.
Last is a collection of alternate GURPS Logos you can use to replace the ones used on the Character Sheet printouts (see the Character Sheet Options in GCA to change the logo). More information, and thumbnails, is provided below.


Download (460 kB)
PowerInvestiture.7z (180 kB)
Power Investiture Design Spreadsheet for GCA4
    This spreadsheet is designed to help in the creation of data files containing custom spell lists for use with variants of Clerical Magic like those that appeared in the Dungeon Fantasy data files.
GURPS Character Assistant v4.0 Links
    Don't miss these valuable web links for GCA4:

GCA4 available for download on e23

The official GCA4 page at

The official GCA4 Updates page at
Check this page regularly to keep your GCA4 updated with the latest Program Patch and Data Update

GCA4 Forum on
Armin, myself, and many other people hang out here and help with GCA4 related issues

Armin's GCA4 page
There are several character sheets available here. Armin typically posts updates for the official Character Sheet to this page before they are incorporated into the official updates.

Thom's Place
Thomas Edwards wrote a wonderful Character Sheet for GCA4 called Phoenix.

The GCA File Repository
This site serves as a central repository for user created GCA files. 

Rev. Pee Kitty's MyGURPS
Much GURPS goodness, but look in the GCA Data Files section for GURPS Mysteries, new Talents, and other GCA and GURPS material.


GCA4 Logos
Download (500 kB)
GURPS Character Assistant v4.0 Logos
    Below are some alternate GURPS Logos that you can use with GCA4's character sheet printouts. You can download all of these images in one zip file here. Many of these are actually just modifications of the cover pictures (available from SJGames website), cropped to look nice as a GCA4 GURPS Logo. GCA4 automatically scales Logo images to fit into the allotted space; most of these images are set to have a height to width ratio of between 2.25:1 and 3:1. Note that the images in the ZIP archive are both higher resolution and better quality than the thumbnails presented below.



Some Random GURPS Articles

    The Imbuements Reference Table is a handy reference of all of the Imbuements from GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements.

    U.S. Military Rank in GURPS. This chart presents the ranks of all five branches of the U.S. armed Forces as well as the equivalent GURPS Military Rank for them.

    An extended Size and Speed/Range Table which covers distances from 1 mile to 700,000 parsecs. Also available in PDF format.

    The Combat/Resistance Chance of Success Tables lay out the chance of success in typical GURPS combat rolls and Resistance Rolls (the later of which would also be accurate if you're thinking of replacing the combat attack/defense rolls with a Quick Contest of skills).

    The d6 Roll Tables show you the chance of attaining a given roll on any roll from 1d6 up to 20d6.

    Optional rules for Unreliable, Self-Control, and Resistant. Short, sweet, simple.

    More Talents, including Jack-of-All-Trades.

    Various ability Modifiers - Enhancements for Strikers & Claws, Liimitations for Psi abilities, and Accessibility/Mitigators based on Hit Point and Fatigue levels.

    A variation on Damage Resistance a new Advantage, Damage Reduction, and a new Limitation for Damage Resistance Damage Penetration. All are different ways of trying to simulate essentially the same thing.

    Alternate Damage Table for ST for 4th Edition.

    More Bang! skills.


GURPS Advantages
GURPS Advantages version 2.8
    Originally compiled by Atreyu Hibiki from the SJGames Forums. This file contains 192 powers each built on 50 points, all wrapped in a 1 MB PDF.


WWII Templates
World War II Templates for GURPS 4th Edition
    These conversions were originally written by Curtis Handsaker, also known as "Z09SS" on the SJGames forum. He deserves all of the credit. The original compilation was presented on the now defunct
    This PDF was edited by me, taking all of the templates presented by Curtis on the gurpswiki and compiling them into a printable format.
One-Page GURPS
One-Page GURPS
    The essential rules for playing GURPS distilled down to a single page. Originally compiled by Karl Gallagher as a convention handout. I've since modified, adding a little information and turned it into a PDF for printing. Or you can download the original MSWord version.
GURPS 4th Edition Cyberware
    This PDF is a conversion of cyberware from GURPS Cyberpunk and Shadowrun into GURPS 4th Edition. This file was written by Edward Easton (a.k.a. El Guapo).
GURPS Combat Cheat Sheet
GURPS Combat Cheat Sheet
    This PDF is intended to be a quick cheat sheet with the most vital information for combat laid out on a single page. A good place to print this would be on the back of One-Page GURPS.
This sheet has a Speed/Range Table, a Hit Location Table, an Advanced Hit Location Table/Diagram (with a Bond Girl!), a listing of all of the Combat Maneuvers available with quick notes on what they do, and a listing of all the standard Damage Types with notes on their effects.
    The Speed/Range Table and Hit Location Table are based on those from the Phoenix character sheet for GCA4 written by Thomas Edwards. The Advanced Hit Location Table was created by Sean Reed.
Excel Spreadsheet
Collision/Slam/Falling Damage Table
    This is a set of three tables useful for calculating Collision, Slam, and Falling damage. The first table lists Velocity and HP to calculate damage. The second calculates Velocity for various fall heights in gravities other than 1G. The last calculates Terminal Velocity under various gravities and atmospheric pressures.
Source XML
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 9 Spell Prerequisite Chart
    This PDF includes Spell Prerequisite Charts for Deathly, Demonology, Elemental Metal, and Elemental Void/Sound/Ether spells. I created these charts using the Flowchart maker located at You can download the XML source files and load them at that website to see how I made them, modify them, or even make your own prereq charts.
Skill Categories Download
Complete, Alphabetical PDF DOC

download my file from e23

Skill Categories for GURPS 4th Edition
    This started out as a simple document to include all the skills from the GURPS Basic Set 4e broken down into nice useable categories. It grew to where I had added in page references, difficulties, attributes, and finally defaults for all the skills in the Basic Set. Now a version of my file is available for free download - and to tell you the truth I like the official version better than my original, so I've pulled my originals from the site.
    The only thing that's left is the Complete Alphabetical skill list, which contains all the skills from the Basic Set, including specialties, defaults, attributes, difficulties, and page references.


Trait List Add-on
Trait List Add-on for GURPS 4th Edition
    Here is a Trait List add-on for GURPS 4th Edition. This includes many traits that are treated as sub-categories of other items in 4e. These traits should have been in the master Trait List from the Basic Set and GMs Screen separately,  such as Sonar and Immunity to Metabolic Hazards. This file is available separately or as part of the expanded version of the Skill Categories for GURPS 4th Edition file above.
    Note that I purposely left out several items that could have been included, such as "Blunt Claws" or "Instant Regeneration" because the name makes it fairly obvious where to look for these traits, unlike the traits included in this file.


ST Conversion Chart


ST Conversion Chart & Basic Lift and Encumbrance Table for GURPS 4th Edition
    This covers 4e ST values from ST 1 through ST 210 (ST 0.1 - 4,400 in 3e). It also has weight ranges for each ST value - between the two values converting monsters, beasts, animals, creatures, or dinosaurs to 4th Edition should be easy. A second page covers Basic Lift and Encumbrance levels for all ST values through 210. This file is available in either Adobe Acrobat, or  Microsoft Excel (works with Open Office too), or Plain Text format. It's also available in Metric or (American) Imperial measurement versions.

Spaceships 3e

GURPS Starships Design Spreadsheet for GURPS 3rd Edition
   Well, I've had this kicking around for a long time. No, I mean a l...o...n...g... time. I started work on this spreadsheet during the playtest of GURPS Space 3e. In fact, I think it actually helped me with the playtest. I put it on the back burner, and worked on it on and off over the years. I'd thought about releasing it, but took one look at SJGames Game Aids License and my eyes began to water uncontrollably. I don't even think I'd thought about this sheet in over a year, then one day I look at the Daily Illuminator and I see that SJGames is doing away with their Game Aids procedures and my jaw almost hit the floor.
    So what is it? It's an Excel Spreadsheet. No, it doesn't work with Open Office (at least, it didn't last time I tried, which was a long time ago). It takes care of all of the math of creating a Starship using the Starship Design System from GURPS Space 3e.
Fantasy Folk 4e
Fantasy Folk for GURPS 4th Edition
    My completely unofficial conversion to 4th Edition, which includes all of the races found in Fantasy Folk, 2nd Edition. Giants, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and many more are all there. Available in Adobe Acrobat format as well as the original document in Microsoft Word format.
Aliens 4e
Aliens for GURPS 4th Edition
    Another completely unofficial conversion to 4th Edition, this time for GURPS Aliens. It's available in Adobe Acrobat format as well as the original document in Microsoft Word format. Banduch, Jaril, An Phar, Gormelites, they're all there, along with bonus races from GURPS Space Atlas 4, Pyramid #18, and Pyramid #19.

    You can also find my GURPS Aliens for GURPS 3rd Edition. This has, as near as I can tell, the official racial packages with all of the errata corrected (possibly including some errata that never made it to the official site).
    I also have some conversion notes covering both Fantasy Folk and Aliens explaining some of the changes and decisions I made in the above book conversions.

Were-forms for GURPS 4th Edition
    These templates are my attempt at creating Yrth style Were- creatures for GURPS 4th Edition. Included are stats for Were-Bear, Were-Boar, Were-Eagle, Were-Shark, Were-Snake, Were-Stag, Were-Tiger, and Were-Wolf.
Random Name Generator


Sample Page


Spreadsheet (1.7 MB)
Names.7z (1.1 MB)
Random Name Generator
If you're like me coming up with a decent name for a character can be tough, and just coming up with reasonable names for NPC's is a pain. So I have my random name Generator written in Microsoft Excel, though it works just fine with the latest version of Open Office. It generates an entire page of over 200 names, all based on the 1990 U.S. Census data.
INWO Cards
    I've recently gotten back into INWO, and in the true spirit of the game I've created a couple of cards.
Comments by Kromm
    Collected and maintained by Travis Foster over on his website, these comments and rulings by Dr. Kromm on GURPS 4th Edition are quite useful.

Galactic Empires CCG
    Galactic Empires is a collectable card game, long out of print due to the demise of Companion Games. However, the game has never quite died due to a dedicated (though small) fan base on the internet. You can still find cards for sale on eBay, and can still find fan sites online such as Skeeve's and Galactic
    I've been working on editing the unofficial
Universe Edition v2.1 rulebook revision, which is an attempt to collect rules from various published sources into one place.

    My card scans have been moved to my new website:


Errata FAQ Q&A
Tournament Rules
Indirigan Touring Game
Quick Learners Guide
Universe Edition Rulebook v2.1 /w Header best viewed at 800x600 or greater
/w Table Of Contents best viewed at 1024x768 or greater
GE Play Mat (PDF)
Allied Forces cardlist & Errata
All of the above in
one ZIP file (~0.8MB)


Other Stuff
How to make an Ethernet Crossover Cable, because I don't have any other place to post it just yet.

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